She is a chef who loves Paris, He loves Miami, Space and the Miami Dolphins. First time, we met in our office she was wearing a beautiful green leather jacket over a classic black dress. They had recently relocated from the north and purchased a one bedroom condo at Brickell Key with a spectacular view of the city.  In our first interview, she clearly stated that they wanted a little bit of Paris in their home with colors such as green and black but emphasizing they did not want the all-white modern Miami Style. The project began in December with few changes but soon it turned out into a full remodeling project with final installation happening in the month of April. The design requirements were such as having a dining room with seating, for 6 or 8 people, living room with a large TV, a comfortable kitchen, a desk within the living room area, a spectacular powder room, a relaxing bedroom with an updated bathroom, and a functional balcony for her to work while enjoying the magnificent view of the area. Paris in Miami, green, black, orange as a hint to the Miami Dolphins and some blue from their travel to Santorini gave us the palette and inspiration to design our clients their new home In Florida.

April 2017

Location: Brickell Key

Client: Upstate New York

Media: Houzz

Photography by: Rolando Diaz