I am Maite Granda

In a minimal interior, what you don’t do is as important as what you do.

About the designer

My Passion for Design

The Cuban born designer has created luxurious interiors that wet the appetite with color and texture. Maite left her country at an early age and moved to Madrid, where the Spanish culture and mix of modernism developed her passion for style and design. Her drive is to always be creative while maintaining a zen balance of design.


Style in each Detail

So how do I take a design to 100%? I need to achieve polish, ridding the client’s mind of any doubt that the design is unfinished. It’s all too common for designers to feel rushed: you’re under deadline, you’re under pressure. But if you care about your craft and your ideas, you’ll take the extra time, perhaps working late into the night, as we all have, and add the touches that you know will make your work really shine.

Design Approach


I just love the process. Reinventing and designing without limits, Maite has brought her passion for design to a level where any space becomes not only unique but a creative expression of love for the trade.  As a creative mentor Maite has a keen eye for detail and understanding of what is needed to maintain true comfort and beauty in a well designed home.

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Serving the world

Our Offices

We serve from our headquarter office in Miami and New York but rapidly growing in other places of the world.

Miami    |   305-764-5569

199 Ocean Lane Dr. Suite 914
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Naples, FL.    |    305-764-5569
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